An image of a salesperson has recently been associated with smth negative, pushy and annoying (since ones still consider DiCaprio’ssell me this pen’ as a good example of sales) caused by improper sales leadership focusing on high KPIs. This means huge email campaigns, automated sequences and simultaneous spamming of everyone’s inboxes.

While concentrating on the ‘number of emails sent per week’,  we - sales guys, began somewhat like throwing newspaper to one’s door. Prove us wrong, Salesperson’s authentic role is to ask questions, reveal problems and offer solutions for their prospects, isn’t it?  Meanwhile, we ended up having email campaign machines doing a very routine work.

After years of experience in b2b sales on different levels in SaaS industry, our team ended up launching first ever sales outsource company fully oriented on personalized, human-oriented approach in b2b sales, based in Helsinki, Finland -

Enough about us,
let's talk about you!

We're a new sales outsourcing company on a mission to bring an authentic, respectful and human approach to B2B SaaS sales

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...talented Sales girls and boys to join our team and help our clients to develop their businesses simultaneously. The responsibilities of the  position consider working on behalf of the leading niche SaaS companies in Nordics as a Business Development Representative by conducting sales research accompanied with cold email and call outreach on the client’s behalf.

‘50 years experience in Enterprise sales’ is not what we are looking for. However, we appreciate candidates who have a passion for people and share our vision for a new sales approach that prioritizes authentic communication and personalized prospecting over mass campaigns and template-based outreach.

We are super excited to provide you with all support and trainings, ranging from cold calling scripts to CRM setup and negotiations. As we are experiencing rapid growth, we are expecting our new hires to become Sales Team Leaders in the nearest future.

If you think you would be a good fit to our team, please send us your CV and a brief intro email showing what you are good at. (Please don’t include cover letters with ‘why you want to work/what you value in Salescore’) We offer a variety of employment options, including full-time, part-time and freelancer/consultant contracts. The job is completely remote (but hopefully you’ll be able to attend our staff parties)

Send application to and if any questions left, you can contact Ben Khetsuriani by phone +358 45 800 75 52

You love
to listen & hate to "persuade"
- then join us!

Your amazing product may be hidden behind generic
and pushy sales tactics, leaving many buyers unaware of your offerings

We're a new sales outsourcing company on a mission to bring an authentic,
respectful and human approach to B2B SaaS sales